Wants, Needs and Desires.



Reactive decisions are often wrong decisions.

Sure, emotions can kick us into action which moves us forward and changes our circumstances. But emotions can also take us away from rational thinking, be short-sighted and personal.

Acting out of a place of fear, anger or jealousy can obviously create suboptimal situations.

It is for these reasons that mindfulness and acknowledgement are so powerful. The ability to recognise our emotions as they are happening is an invaluable skill. Stop. Breathe. And sigh.

As a metaprocess for decision-making, calming ourselves is critical. By remembering who we are and who we want to be, we have a powerful lighthouse to guide us where we need to go.

Effective coaching aims to get to this place, uncovering what is really needed and wanted. At some level, the reason most people do not achieve the riches they desire is that money is not really one of their core values.

So on one hand, understanding who we are and what we value need understanding and embracing. These tell us what would be an in-alignment goal and why we are where we are.

On the other hand, who we want to be should be acknowledged. Since this is a new state, it requires more cognition and effort to embrace. These wants and desires must form the basis for decision-making in order for them to materialise.

If financial wealth is a goal and financial independence is a desired new state. Is eating out every night, buying designer clothing and never reading a book about personal finances conducive to getting to financial independence? No.

Figure competitors look amazing and (hopefully) achieve pretty amazing levels of health and fitness by committing 24/7 to the goal. They train, eat, sleep, live and breathe for that 5 minutes of significance on stage. They give no option. The results must come.

What separates those that achieve their goals from those that don’t?


Relentless drive.

If it really is something that you want, commit to it. Give no options, obsess about the details, obsess about the everyday – what can you do right now to get you closer to your goal? Go do it.

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