Dream Big. No, Bigger.

On a journey with no well-defined destination, any path is correct.


To move forward to a desirable future requires defining exactly what it is we are working towards. The most common goal I help people accomplish is to get fit and/or to lose weight. Both of these are unclear and fail to provide instruction.

How do we know when we are successful?

How do I know when I am fit?

Is it the number on the scales really what matters?

Let’s take getting fit. Each of us has a different mental image of fitness. It might be Kayla  Itsines, Ben Greenfield or maybe doing what we did a decade ago. Fitness has come to include how we look, how we feel, what we can do and even our health overall.

I have found that whatever resonates and jumps out as significant for each of us is a sign of something that we can work towards. Maybe it’s getting the 1:30 half marathon, or dropping that 10kg, or moving painfree. As a gateway to self-understanding, the process of sacrifice and improvement to attain that goal is critical in developing excellence in fitness.

Working with runners in this regard is simple. They have concrete metrics that can be used to track progress and the micro-goals add up over the months to amazing transformations. Tracking and following numbers is one part of getting to the final destination, because the course to success in non-linear and requires individualised experimentation and adjustment.

John Lee Doumas (of Entrepreneur on Fire) talks about FOCUS as standing for…






That’s what it’s all about, really. Goals do not work unless we do, so first and foremost, defining where I want to be in 12 months gives me feedback of how I am progressing month-to-month and week-to-week.

A resolution for myself this year is to be more real with myself, and looking at the metrics for what they are – being on track is great, being off track requires adjustment.

Trust the process and the results will come.


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