I like to check in on Seth Godin’s blog about once a week; his daily posting is an inspiration. Whilst some of his posts don’t quite ‘hit’ me, many of them get at something quite profound. Usually the posts I find powerful, I’ve noticed, continue on a theme that I have discussed with somebody that week.
Seth has profound observation skill, in my opinion. He notices things that strike a cord as ‘well, obviously!’ but are not talked about nor addressed. Getting to a deeper level of understanding helps bring about the action to make tomorrow a little better than today.
This is why I think continuous reading, researching and learning is so important, the information we need is out there somewhere. It exists. The difficulty really is that we are not ready to receive this information and adjust to it. So as we adjust along whatever path we are taking, our receptiveness changes and our antennae collects different information.
I received As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen, recently. It’s a concise collection of essays on personal power and is available free online. Allen talks about direct action towards goals and choosing to focus our time, money and energy on things that will take us towards our desired state, rather than away from it.
Putting the day-to-day in the frame of “What am I working towards?” will tune the antennae to the frequency required to attain whatever life we are aiming for.
Everything is finite. Our time, our money and our energy. It seems to me that choosing to commit to our goals is critical to building a place in this life that we want, and not falling into one we despise.

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