Learning and Growth.

I’m an economics graduate, half-Ironman, Functional Patterns trainer, Primal Health Coach… but really, I am a teacher and I am still working this out for myself… this website is for me and for anyone who wants to keep check on me. If you’re reading this… Hi! I’m honoured to have some of your time and attention.


My name is Martin Williams. I’m naturally introverted, contemplative, and cooperative. Whilst 16, I had the opportunity to set my sights moving to Melbourne Australia for University. Completing my A-Levels had my first experience of long-term strategic work towards a goal.

I ended up getting offered a scholarship to study at University of Melbourne, reflecting getting 100% overall in two of my four subjects. Heck, work pays.

Now it’s 4 years later, my degree has wrapped up and like many millennials, I’m unsure how I can best contribute to the world and leave it better than I found it.

I spent the last two years building a Personal Training business out of Fitness First, whilst studying for my degree. This experience in earning for myself has opened my eyes to the possibilities of straying from the ‘corporate ladder’ approach to life, and here we are.


Curiosity has driven me thus far, and I’m continuing to let it – next year I’ll be leaving sunny Australia to hit the road, this blog will recount some experiences, lessons and whatever else strikes me as worth writing about.

Thank you again for your time.

See you out there, Martin.